Thank You for your interest in pursing
membership in our Association

Steps to Membership:

1)  Download our Registration Packet - A concise overview of our ministry including:  Letter of Introduction, Church Member List, Board of Directors List, Statement of Faith Form, and Church Description Form.

2)  Review our Statement of Faith - All member churches MUST be in full agreement with every point.  Churches rejecting creeds or extra-biblical statements (Bible-Only convictions) may contact our office regarding special exemption.

3)  Schedule a Presentation for Your Church - Our staff will come to your church to present our ministry and goals to your pastor, church board, or congregation.  The presentation will feature a multi-media examination of our efforts, ad campaigns, and the successes of our apologetics.

Request the packet:    email request     call our office 215-379-8484    or


Download A "Church Registration Packet":
Right Click on your Zone and Click "Save Target As..." to download the CRP

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