Our Mission

The Christian Churches Association unites to engage the 21st century with advertising that tugs at the heart and engages the mind to persuade the culture of the existence of God, the authority of the Bible, and the reasons for everyone to find hope in Jesus Christ through the local church.

Our Strategy

Unity - No individual church can impact the modern Mars Hill, the media, alone.  Dozens of local churches combine fiscal resources to create a formidable force to impact the culture.
Professionals - Media and marketing professionals from TV, radio, and print donate their time, tools, and talent to create ongoing ad campaigns funded by the Christian Churches Assoc.
Impact - Unchurched viewers across the area are challenged with TV and radio messages designed to proclaim God's laws, communicate our faith, and draw people into a local church.
Growth - All media is focused on directing viewers to "Discover 1-877-Our-Hope" in a participating church.  Operators and the web are available 24 hours a day with info on all member churches to ease the move to attending a local church.

Our Convictions

The CCA will engage the modern media with ongoing advertising campaigns promoting our many local churches and persuading the general public of the truth of the Christian world-view. We intend to capture the imagination with the historic truths of the Christian faith and direct viewers into a local church family.

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