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Mission Media Ministries Strategy

The Problem: NYPD Blue, ER, Will & Grace, 60 Minutes - it has been said, “never mind the laws, let me tell a nation’s stories and I will rule the next generation from the gravel.” These television shows by virtue of the stories they portray, the jokes they tell are doing far more to disciple this generation than the Church of Jesus Christ. Mega companies drop huge amounts of money on advertising and technology to promote their products and ideas. These factors effectively drive advertising costs out of reach for individual local churches. Until now...

The Strategy: You may have seen the “Got Milk?” Campaign or advertising for the cattle industry - “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.” Just as dairy farmers and cattle growers have united behind a major advertising campaign effectively increasing sales, it’s time for the local churches of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to unite behind our common goal of proclaiming the Gospel to this generation.

Our Team and Mission: Christian-Believing Media Professionals throughout the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys are uniting to produce and market an ongoing large scale advertising campaign. These are top people from network television, secular radio, local cable systems, and major industry lending their skills and experience to produce a campaign with the excellence Jesus Christ deserves. Our campaign is designed to promote the local church, persuade the lost, and proclaim the gospel on network television, radio, on billboards, and in print!

Funding: The call is going out for local Churches, individuals, and businesses to contribute to a general “Media Pool” to fund our united effort. Advertising is expensive even on a local level - but with over 5,000 Protestant churches and tens of thousands of Christians in the Delaware Valley, we feel confident we can raise our goal of $50,000 per month for purchase of media time on television, radio, and in print.

Evangelism: Contributing churches will be included in an association called the “Christian Churches Association”. All our advertising will include an toll free phone number (1-877-Our-Hope) to our church referral network. Callers will be directed to a local church in their area where the process of evangelism and discipleship will be placed in its proper hands - the community of faith in a local church.

So every soul may hear the Gospel


contribute to a MEDIA POOL of monthly finances

Network Television




Q u i c k   F a c t s

----- 30-second commercials -----

  • In the Philadelphia Market, the #1 show, "E.R." on average costs $37,000

  • A soap opera averages $500 to $700

  • Prime time TV ranges from $2,000 to $15,000

  • Costs seem high, but divide it by the number of viewers:  It costs 1/4 to 5 cents per person!  Would you pay a penny to share the Gospel?


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